Pakistan wrap-up: climbers push altitude through winter storm.

(Newsdesk – – Posted: Jan 25, 2012)
A blizzard is punishing the 8000ers in Pakistan but that doesn’t stop mountaineers striving for their virgin winter summits. Simone and Denis headed back up on Nanga Parbat today, an overdue airlift was done from K2 BC, and the international team is at work on Gasherbrum 1. 


The sun came out on K2 yesterday, but only because a fierce wind blew the clouds away. Nick Totmjanin and a few mates who had gone up to fix the route above C2 were forced down in the gale.

A heli managed to land in BC and evacuate Vladimir Belous this morning. Descending without crampons from camp 1 in a hurricane last week, the climber suffered frostbite on four fingers according to expedition Doc Serguey Bychkovsky.

Nanga Parbat

Simone and Denis left BC today in the hard wind with a carry to 6800m hoping to spend a night in what will be camp 2. Expedition photographer Matteo Zanga shot awesome pics of the climbers vanishing into the blizzard. 


International team leader Gerfried Goschl reached BC at 5,000 meters on foot 2 days ahead of plans.

“As the weather looked pretty good for winter conditions and we felt fit, Cedric Hahlen, Darek Zaluski, Tamara Stys, Nisar Hussain and I went on a reconnaissance trip right on the day after arrival,” Gerfried reported. The group carried ropes and gear up to 5650 meters.

Yesterday Alex and Carlos planned to take the next working shift hoping to reach 6,000m.

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