Himalaya 2011 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /13/ – Week in Review.

Week in Review – Special Alert

Norway’s Prime Minister, the press and over 100 tourists are already at the South Pole Station, preparing to commemorate Amundsen’s arrival anniversary. Question is though – where are the skiers?

Don’t miss the thrilling final race for the South Pole!

Antarctica wrap: Anybody in time for the centenary? Only one of the “Scott and Amundsen” teams seems to stand a chance to make it in time for December 14 (one is a three time Olympic gold medalist in cross country skiing btw), but only if they are VERY lucky, and ski around the clock.

Also: the Thomsom Reuters green Polar truck was due to set off towards the Pole today in a speed record attempt.

In other news:

Space & Antarctica special: Meteorite hunters back on the ice – Don Pettit back to space He came home in a ball of fire, crashing on the Kazakh tundra in a scorched rocket head. The next time we sent him off from Cocoa Beach. Last week an email from Baikonur arrived: scheduled to launch less than ten days from now (December 21) Don is returning to the tin can, on the Soyuz this time. Meanwhile, the meteorite hunters have hit the ice.

More Antarctica: Sadly, favorite speed skier Steffen Dahl was airlifted with heart problems.

Debrief: Chad Kellogg and David Gottlieb first ascent of Pangbuk Ri Remember Chad Kellogg and David Gottlieb? The American climbers were about to launch a single-push alpine stile on virgin Pangbuk Ri. Check out the debrief, the result (a first ascent, new route and traverse) and the route topo.

ExWeb interview with Irena Mrak: “Touching the unknown is my drug” She shocked on Nanga Parbat where she – after everyone had fled – forged a partial new route up the Diamir face with her long time sister-of-rope Mojna Svajger. ExWeb has the interview.

HumanEdgeTech Himalaya 2012 kickoff: $795 on Thuraya XT, $895 on Thuraya SG 2520, skinny on NOVA and more HumanEdgeTech is kicking off Himalaya 2012 with a truly great deal on Thuraya XT Rugged satellite phone: the price is slashed from $1120 to $795! And the price has been dramatically cut also on Thuraya SG 2520.

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