Himalaya 2011 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /12/ – Week in Review.

It’s gearing up to a phenomenal winter climbing season. Which route? Will they climb on O2? True winter? News about the Russians on K2 put the climbing community on its feet.

Meanwhile the South Pole anniversary project at ExplorersWeb, comparing live expedition dispatches with the diaries of the pioneers, has become a remarkable adventure in itself.

Winter K2: Bring It On say Russian legends They overcame Jannu and Everest north walls; they forged a new route on the west face of K2. Returning to the savage mountain, they aim for its first winter ascent. The Russians are back: epic guaranteed.

Karakoram winter: Göschl, Hajzer, Moro & more. Many more. Forget the once empty Pakistan winter 8000ers. A motley crew is packing thick gloves and warm socks for the upcoming season. The ABC team is to become the ABCPPSS team. Two Polish teams are announced. And the champs from last winter, Moro & Urubko, are on their way.

GI winter encore: ExWeb interview with Gerfried Goschl The new team composition was released: Darek Zaluski, Nisar Hussain, Cedric Hahlen and Carlos Suarez will join Gerfried Goschl and Alex Txikon for a new route on winter GI. As it turns out, there’s more to the story. Anyone said “traverse”?

Winter Denali, solo: Lonnie Dupre back for the top The tallest mountain in US, Denali in Alaska, will get a rare attempt. Polar veteran and solo climber Lonnie Dupre is back for rematch.

Antarctica: the meaning of luck With deadlines already in the air, it’s becoming clear that the most important keys to success have survived 100 years. Yet the translation of what exactly happened Scott and Amundsen depends on who you ask, a Norwegian or an Englishman.

Antarctica current Bruised ribs, frostnip, crevasse falls, forced rest, brutal terrain, hard wind: it has been rough on the skiers. Weber’s team had a sick member airlifted and it’s over for Dieter and Armand. One of the Catalans left the ice. “Pure hell” moaned the Basques and scrapped their climbing plans. Cas and Jonesy reported “incredibly slow progress.” Dixie and Sam are back on the ice since an airlift relocated them at a new starting point. Eide’s Jubilee expedition is out on the Axel Heiberg after a long delay. And what exactly is the Messner point? ExWeb explained.

The solo skiers talk to themselves: one offered insight in his daily mental discipline, another said sastrugi are like funny characters in a South Park show. Hoping to traverse with resupply at the pole, Felicity Ashton set off from Ross Ice Shelf reporting high winds and slow go.

Everyone’s there Just about every polar legend is on the ice right now. Rune Gjeldnes and Borge Ousland are skiing the ice, Ryan Waters is on Mount Vinson. Among other celebrities on Vinson; Jordan Romero who climbed Everest at age 13 is about to bag his last Seven Summit at age 15.

The dog-whisperers and the horse-whisperers. Or not. Table manners 100 years ago would gross out activists for animal rights. About two weeks away from the Pole, diary dispatches took a scary turn. Amundsen shot his dogs, sharing their meat with the remaining pack, and his men. Scott shot the ponies, and fed them to the dogs. Feeding the dogs to the horses would have worked too, equestrian research by Long Riders’ Guild has shown.

AGAP Antarctica findings: Gamburtsevs ghost mountains lived twice In 2009 scientists uncovered the Gamburtsev subglacial mountains. They found hidden water, and now possibly also an explanation to the peculiar features of the enigmatic range.

Antarctica greatest memory for Stephen Hawking Many polar skiers will tell you that no place on earth feels so much as landing on another planet as does the touch down on Antarctica. Physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking agrees.

Chad Kellogg’s “trip of a lifetime” before Everest w/o 02 It started early October on a local bus from KTM to Singati, kick-off point for the 18,700 ft Tashi Lapsa pass into Khumbu. American star climber Chad Kellogg is climbing in Nepal in preparation for a renewed no O2 speed attempt on Everest next spring.

2012 Himalaya preview: notes from around the world Gerlinde will join husband Ralf up to 8,000 meters on Everest; Carlos Soria (73) will attempt Kangchenjunga, cancer survivor Rosa will go for Annapurna, Ines Papert opened a route in Kirghizistan, and climbers into virgin 7,000ers got a proposal.

TeenSailor: Dekker finished her third ocean Dutch 16-year old Laura Dekker crossed the Indian Ocean in silence to avoid pirates. Alone in her vessel, the young sailor has now crossed three oceans on her way around the world.

A little turkey story rerun It began in 2003. The next year there was a rerun. Now it’s an ExWeb tradition every Thanksgiving.

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