Himalaya 2011 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /8/ – Week in Review.

Pakistan climbing is full throttle: season’s first summits went to Latok III; a massive rescue saved a life; scattered victories on the Gasherbrums so far.

The past two weeks brought out interviews and some major stories; one such touching the final flight of the shuttle.

Pakistan wrap-up: Alexander Odintsov’s Russian Big Wall team summited Latok III at last.

‘World’s Toughest Jobs’ Chances are slim that Discovery will do a feature on Sherpa and HAP’s but they probably should: people from unrelated expeditions on the Gasherbrums saved the life of a Pakistani climbing porter reportedly seriously neglected by his Japanese employers.

A total of 12 climbers summited GI or GII last week. Later pushes were aborted, along with pushes on Broad Peak. Following no-shows including Swede Strang’s, Nanga Parbat is quiet: bad weather finally thwarted the Kyrgyz-Russian summit attempt and only the Spanish remain in a wet BC, hoping to at least try the normal route. Austrian Stangl is enroute back to K2, saying he’ll tape on real summit and post to YouTube. The north slope K2 climbers are fixing route.

ExWeb interview with 14x8000er summiteer Kim Jae Soo: “Korea is isolated behind the language barrier” In this unique interview with ExplorersWeb, regular partner of the late Mi Sun-Go and recent 14x8000er summiteer Kim Jae Soo talks about why he will return to Cho Oyu, the language problems, the controversies, the definitions, why he climbs and how to help locals beyond building schools

Opinion: Royal Marines Officer Sean Chapple about polar teamwork and success In addition to polar feats both north and south, a few years back Sean Chapple led a team of three Royal Marines unassisted and unsupported at Antarctica in over 2200 km distance. The 2011-12 Antarctic season will be busy and Sean discussed at ExWeb what makes the difference between teams who succeed and those who don’t.

A blind man’s adventure, “What inspires and encourages humans is consciousness of one’s power” “In summary, this trip reminded me of what I could do, and not what I was incapable of doing,” said Imtiaz Moosa following a canoe expedition down the Yukon River. Fellow seeing adventurer Howard Fairbanks in turn wrote how returning to the city changed everything.

ExWeb interview with Alex Hibbert about Greenland speed ski attempt in August After being grounded in Tasiilaq in April, Hibbert & Wilkinson will be back in Greenland in August to attempt to break the Norwegians’ 8 days & 9 hrs ski record across the appr 530km Nagtivit – 660 route. Hibbert told ExWeb about their April experience.

ExWeb interviews with Dimitri Kieffer, finals Losing 2 tents in 2 seconds, cooking in the open in minus 35°C and skiing with open toes were some of the low points in Dimitri’s trek in Far Eastern Russia. In the final two parts of the interview series he told ExplorersWeb also about the magic, life changing moments, and The Missing Link.

Africa walk from Mozambique to Angola ended near heavily land mined area Julian Monroe Fisher has completed his ‘Equatoria’ – A Walk Across Africa, from the coast of Mozambique, across Malawi, Zambia and the DRC to the coast of Angola. He experienced Africa as a complex mixture of beauty and ugliness all wrapped up into one vast space.

Avalanche evaluation made easy by southern volcano On June 4th the Puyehue volcano in the Andes mountains of southern Chile erupted, setting up an incredible snowpack in the ski resort of Cerro Bayo. French avalanche specialist Cedric Larcher sent over pictures of the ashes clearly dividing layers of snow.

Paragliding World Cup boss Xavier Murillo missing Paragliding World Cup boss Xavier Murillo went missing while paragliding in Peru on Friday 1 July. The Paragliding World Cup Association (PWCA) appealed for donations to help fund the aerial search. “The support that we have received on Xavier’s behalf via the appeal fund has been wonderful, and a reflection of the love and affection that we all feel for him,” wrote PWCA in a note to ExWeb. Unfortunately, Murillo remains missing.

US Family of four heading for unofficial speed sailing record James Burwick is known for his exhausting solo adventures at sea. On Sunday June 26th James and his family left Maine to set an unofficial speed record to France. The youngest on board is 9 months old.

Are you ready for it? ICON raises 25 million, let production begin! The new Sport Pilot License is cheaper and faster. With a mission “to bring the fun and adventure back to flying,” ICON says it has closed a $25 million round of venture financing. With that, full-scale manufacturing of the sport plane can begin.

Bits from the Silver Bullet: latest from Japan A few times each month SF New Tech come ashore and head for the Mars Bar. There, developers and inventors are offered 5 minutes sharp to pitch their ideas. Latest we checked out the 6 most promising startups from Japan.

Final countdown: “Sad, not fatal,” says Space industry CEO On Friday, the final Space Shuttle launch is scheduled. What will this mean to the industry, and the very soul of America? “It is the end of an era. It is not the end of the world,” said Elliot Holokauahi Pulham, CEO of the Space Foundation, in a newsletter.

ExplorersWeb space shuttle editorial: why we explore “Exploration can’t wait for perfect times and it never has.” Who founded National Geographic and why; Why military and academia make poor explorers; Who we are and who we are not; Why we matter; and What American historian Frederick Jackson Turner had to do with it – a big editorial by the founders of ExplorersWeb touched on the last voyage of the shuttle in the perspective of explorers, and new Americans.

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