OR Winter Market Reports Abound.

Author : Kraig Becker.

Yesterday I mentioned that the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market gear show was underway and that we could expect to see a host of reports from the event giving us a glimpse of the goodies we can expect in our favorite gear shops in the months ahead. True to form, we have a number of websites checking in today with the first look at a bunch of new stuff that we won’t actually be able to buy for months yet.

The Adventure Journal also has some great previews up for a bunch of gear from companies like Mountain Hardwear, Marmot, and Camelbak, to name a few. The theme for much of the new gear seems to center around stylish, but functional, gear that uses high tech fabrics and design to make our outdoor experiences all the better. That’s something we can all get behind I think.

First up, the Outside Blog has several reports posted from the show, including a look at the new super-lightweight snow cap from Outdoor Research that promises to be a down jacket for your head. As a fan of OR’s gear, I have to say that that one looks quite warm and comfy.

Next up, Trailspace.com is doing their usual great job of posting from the show floor as well, including a nice sneak peek at the line of outdoor shoes coming form Adidas. Now, I have to admit, when I heard the sneaker company was looking to get into outdoor shoes, I was quite skeptical, but looking at the products themselves, and there are a lot of them, I’m definitely intrigued. They certainly look nice. We’ll have to wait to see how they actually perform once they hit the store shelves. Check out the video below for an early look.

Finally, the Sierra Blogging Post is also in Salt Lake City for all the fun and festivities. They posted a nice Day One Trip Report with a variety of thoughts on the new offerings from several companies, including Adventure Medical Kits and Black Diamond Equipment.

Needless to say, it looks like there is plenty of good stuff in the pipeline once again. I haven’t seen anything that I can’t live without yet, but plenty of stuff I wouldn’t mind having. I’m a sucker for this stuff!

* Source : – http://theadventureblog.blogspot.com/

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