Himalaya 2010 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /30/ – Week in Review.

More than a week passed; lots has gone down. Here the main headlines from the past month at ExplorersWeb.

Joe Puryear, lost in Tibet Alpinists Joe Puryear and David Gottlieb were known at ExWeb for spectacular climbs such as the 2008 first ascent of Kang Nachugo in Rolwaling Himal. In 2009 they bagged the virgin summit of Lunag Ri/Jobo Rinjang and compiled a complete list of the surrounding peaks – for those who will follow. October 27 this year the saga ended. Climbing Labuche Kang with David, a cornice broke off and Joe fell. A massive outcry from the mountaineering community following the accident showed just how popular Joe had been.

Ama Dablam rescue crash kills legend pilot On November 7, news broke about a Fishtail Air chopper crash on Ama Dablam north face. David Göttler and Kazuya Hiraide were rescued, pilots Sabin Basnet and Purna Awale lost their lives. Only this past spring, Basnet had performed the amazing rescue at 7,000 meters on Annapurna.

Himalaya wrap American Kyle Dempster and Scott Bruce Normand are back from China’s Minya Konka 6000ers with two new routes under their belts. Nepal peaks have folded after the last teams left Ama Dablam and Spaniards were rejected by high winds on Pumori.

Marty Schmidt clears up Ama Dablam In a phone call home, Marty claimed the season’s first Ama Dablam summit. In the heat of the moment, he didn’t mention he was not alone on top, which prompted his summit mate Ankaji Sherpa to publish an amendment to ExplorersWeb. Marty was fast to apologize.

Winter GI pre-expedition report by Gerfried Göschl and Louis Rousseau Karakoram winter expeditions are on increase. Several expeditions are expected this season to the notoriously empty winter peaks and if you are giving it a thought yourself, then start looking now for partners, expect trouble, and to break your piggy bank according to a pre-expedition report by Himalaya Winter Climb novices Göschl and Rousseau.

Lonnie Dupre for Denali winter climb During an Arctic career spanning 25 years, Lonnie Dupre has traveled over 15,000 miles throughout the high Arctic and polar regions by dog team, ski and kayak. Dupre is now planning a winter climb on Denali, where only nine expeditions totaling 16 people have ever reached the summit in winter.

Pakistani women going for it in winter If you think that whistling isn’t ladylike, you won’t like this either: Dur Begum, Farzana Fasial, Takat Bika, Shakeela Numa, Merah Jabeen, Gohar Nigar and Hafiza Bano from the Shimshal Mountaineering School will face the Karakoram winter for a 6000er double-header as the first Pakistani all-women expedition. And after topping-out Chaskin Sar this past summer, Pakistani 18-year-old female climber Samina Baig is ready for Mingligh Sar (6,050m). Samina will again team up with brother Mirza Ali, plus Yausaf Khan and American Jennifer Rawlins. The expedition kicks-off next week.

Hervé Barmasse: The vertical future of Shimshal women 150 years ago, villagers in the Alps patiently waited out winters, hoping to work as porters during the summer. Hervé Barmasse has launched the “Pakistan Winter Sport” project to provide a similar opportunity for local mountain guides in Shimshal — male and female.

Sophie aiming high: from Peruvian Andes to the fourteen 8000ers In 2008, Sophie Denis saw the word from the top of Everest, at 29 years old. This summer the young French climber has led some cool climbs in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca with a big goal in mind: the Himalayan giants — all 14 of them actually.

Sean Burch, Nepal Goodwill Ambassador The Nepal Tourism Board held a press conference in Kathmandu, acknowledging Sean Burch’s achievement with his run across Nepal. He will receive a Goodwill Ambassadorship from Nepal. Sean and the NTB also announced further cooperation to help develop communities living along the GHT. ExWeb attended the meeting.

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