Himalaya 2010 wrap-up: Shisha Pangma and Manaslu summit reports.

While news is expected from Marty Schmidt, currently on a lonely push up Lhotse, there is summit news from south Koreans on Shisha Pangma Main and from the Mexicans on Manaslu.

Shisha Pangma

South Koreans Chang-Ho Kim, 41, and Sung-Ho Suh summited Shisha Pangma at 2:15PM on October 14, after climbing the British route on the peak’s south side.

The two climbers had set off from BC on October 12 in spite of bad weather conditions. On the summit day, they needed 12 hours, despite bitter cold and wind, to reach Shisha’s main summit from C2, the climbers reported to ExWeb correspondent Kyu Dam-Lee.

Chang-Ho Kim claims Shisha as his twelfth 8000er without supplementary O2, and Sung-Ho Kim’s tenth, however, no details on his use of supplementary O2.


News is expected from Marty Schmidt, who is solo on the normal route; and Spanish Corominas and Tosas, hoping to give the south face a try.


Eric Larsen and his Sherpa team safely reached back to BC on Saturday. Check out the detailed debrief that is in several parts that Eric started posting on his website yesterday.


Mexican couple Badía Bonilla and Mauricio López report they reached Manaslu summit at 2:40PM, local time on October 1, some time after the HiMex and Carlos Pauner’s groups. “We were the last to summit that day,” Badia explained in a report posted after they returned to Kathmandu. Also, a very cold wind picked-up minutes after they summited. On the following day, they departed C4 in a full-force gale, together with a Japanese climber and his two Sherpas. “Luckily, the wind stopped 100 meters below C4, a place where apparently the wind always blows,” Badia recalled.

The Mexicans did not reportedly use supplementary O2.

Lesser peaks

While a large number of commercial expeditions are operating on Ama Dablam, some other summit reports are filtering in to ExplorersWeb from other Nepali 6000ers and 7000ers::

Blind Everest summiteer Erik Weihenmayer led a team of soldiers injured in action to the top of the 20,075-foot Lobuche on October 13.

On October 8, Dick Valk, Kaji Sherpa and expedition leader Paul Boslooper from the Dutch Putha Hiunchuli Expedition 2010 summited the 7,246-meter mountain around 1PM.

Links to fall 2010 Himalaya teams:


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Cho Oyu:

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Lesser peaks

Puryear & Gottlieb – Labuche Kang

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