Nanga Parbat newsflash: One more Polish SUMMIT.

(ExplorersWeb/Madrid) “Marcin Kaczkan topped-out Nanga Parbat at 10.00am local time, July 2nd,” the expedition team just reported.

A veteran of  Winter K2 Netia expedition, Marcin has endured a 7 days-long summit bid in rough weather and snow conditions.

On a first attempt yesterday Marcin, mate Ola Dzik, Italian Simone La Terra and Polish Pawel Michalski were forced back to C4 due to whiteout. Hunkered in the tent, Ola and Marcin waited for over 30 hours, hoping for a second summit chance.

Finally, they set off again yesterday evening. Shortly after departure though, at 7,250 meters, Ola had to turn back due to exhaustion.

According to the Polish team, Marcin continued feeling well, in good weather conditions, and helped by the indications that recent summiteers Artur Hajzer and Robert Szymczak reported over radio. There is no news of any other climber joining Marcin on the final assault.

Kaczkan is expected back in C4 within the next few hours. Ola and him shall be back in BC tomorrow or on July 4th.

The Nanga Parbat polish expedition is the first stage of the 5 year-long Polish Winter Himalayan Climbing 2010-2015 project. Seasoned climbers such as Artur (expedition leader) and Robert are taking young climbers on their first Himalayan experience. According to plans, after Nanga Parbat the team will move to both Gasherbrums.

Polish legends Artur Hajzer and Robert Szymczak summited Nanga Parbat on June 23, at 1:30pm, Pakistan time, in a 15 hours climb from C4. Due to difficult weather conditions, descent to high camp took nearly 10 hours more.

Dynamic Busan Hope team from South Korea led by Bo-Sung Hong, reportedly in C3 last Sunday.

Iranian Azim Gheychi-Saz, teaming up with two Nepalese Sherpas, had already spent a night in C2 at 6,000 and hoped to reach C3 next.

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